Cafe Mocha To Go

Cafe Mocha To Go

Found at stickergiant

7 Responses to "Cafe Mocha To Go"

  1. ewww that's would make a odd mix to drink ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. i don't even see how that is funny...because it's not

  3. Swap the vodka for Kahlua coffee liqueur and it will be fine....and perhaps the marijuana in spliff format!

  4. you want fries with that?

  5. That's awsome except change the latte to Hot Cocoa!!! LMAO! Or a White Russian/Mud Slide There's your vodka! plus! lol

  6. That sounds great! Make that two! But could you add some mushrooms and maybe a sprinkle of LSD?

  7. Luna: 'Shrooms AND acid? Yikes!

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