Face Painting

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  1. it's a hybrid albert einstein and rod stewart love child!

  2. I don't get it - is that eye actually painted? Cool.

  3. Well, that's not creepy at all.

  4. three eyed flying purple people eater, some song long ago

  5. That far-right eye is a photoshop clone of the middle eye....but still pretty cool.

  6. cool! fantastic painting you are good face painter i like it.....

  7. three eye fellow is cool....

  8. But if you look carefully, You can see that the third eye is exactly the same than the one in the middle..

  9. pre musta kn . naa lala mo pb ako. danilo base ako

  10. Amazing.

  11. that eye is photoshopped!! its exactly the same as the middle eye!!

  12. innovative & creative work but i could not understand how it had been painted so thoughtfully

  13. its realy cool. i dont understand how u done it . the third eye is exactly same to the other two. u r amezing. u r realy a great face painter.

  14. it was good, but i think it was edited.

  15. Wow ........ Superb excellent Paintings.

    I like this Face Painting, great art.........!!

    Thank you.

  16. Amazing picture. It would be great to see more of your body painting talent.

  17. it's really coollllllllll.....

  18. That's what I call being two-faced!!

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