Bird Aquarium

Bird Cage Fish Tank

Designer : Robert Gligorov

17 Responses to "Bird Aquarium"

  1. i want one!

  2. "Fly away Peter! Fly away Paul"

    " I think we are sinking......"

  3. Great picture - ultimate mixing!


  4. How about a kingfisher inside that cage... lol

  5. Flaternising although SAM THE CANARY and GOLDYFISH ARE JUST PEN PALS

  6. The bird cage is actually inside the aquarium.

  7. so impressive :O

  8. i am obsessed with birds and fish that is so neat i want one. where do you get it are will you sell them?

  9. But how to be cleaning the poop out of the bird cage?

    Hidden pull out tray in the back I would hope...

  10. the bird cage is a fish tank so that the bird dont die... and the fish tank that the birds are in is inside of the one with the fish

  11. i am thinking maybe the fish tank is this shape |_| then the bird cage just slips inside the gap ๐Ÿ™‚ amazing

  12. I think it is creepy and feel bad for the birds.

  13. Polly want a fishy

  14. That is aamazing! where do people come up with these ideas... a genius came up with this one!

  15. Its like a cats wet dream

  16. its just a glass birdcage inside a fish tank really clever idea actually so its like this |__|_|__|

  17. Very elegant, very simple. It's just an aquarium (housing the birds) inside a LARGER aquarium (holding water and fish).

    The smaller aquarium is taller so the birds cannot be flooded.

    How about some turtles that can travel BETWEEN the aquariums?!

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