Double Pork Hot Dog

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog

Found at aldenteblog

7 Responses to "Double Pork Hot Dog"

  1. This is a great example of the kind of shit that taste so good (add mustard, hot) and is sooo unhealthy.

    Sometimes life just aint fair.


  2. "... butter that bacon, boy!"

  3. Can you say....Swine Flu?

  4. I'm having a coronary just looking at it.

  5. [...] Some of these bacon items have been getting pretty crazy, time to come back to the basics. Two bacon wrapped hot dogs are a nice thing to fall back on after a long hard day! (Thx FS) [...]

  6. [...] Source [...]

  7. Are my prayer beads missing, or did my dog eat them?!?

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