Bacon Bowl

Bacon Bowl

Bacon Cups by not martha

10 Responses to "Bacon Bowl"

  1. MMMmmm ... I would eat that! Wait - could you substitute the sald with more bacon?

  2. totse ftw

  3. Bacon cookies own this shit.

    &T FTW.

  4. Looks tastey. Would you just pick it up with your hand and munch in or would cutlery be needed I wonder.

    - ♫.i.b.y.v.n.t.h.♫

  5. ok...i'll bite....what does i.b.y.v.n.t.h. mean??

  6. gimme a bacon finger fork

  7. Please. No more bacon!

  8. kind of eliminates the health aspect of the salad tho.
    meh. o well.

  9. @ meh. Depends on what healthy is to you. I am diabetic. I can eat bacon all day long with no issues. It's the veggies in the salad that contain some carbohydrates. (I still eat veggies, but have to keep a count on my servings. On the other hand, if something has not carbs, it is unlimited for me.)

  10. WHAT IS THIS NONSENCE?????????????????

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