Wake Up To Bacon

11 Responses to "Wake Up To Bacon"

  1. it's OINKS everyone mintue ^^

  2. Im Going to get one for my BFF's wife BaKon


  4. I think I'd get proposed to again if I got my husband one of these!

  5. It's all fine and dandy till one day you wake up to a heart attack.

  6. I don't understand why people think "swine flu" has anything to do with bacon. Second time I've seen comments of this sort on this website.

    And about the 12th time I've seen photos involving bacon.

  7. Come on Snark. You can't possibly be serious. It's all in jest.

  8. I suspect this is an Easy Bake Oven with a pig exterior.

  9. now, it does it to keep the bacon from rotting during the night

  10. Is this serious? I would probably buy this kind of stuff, it's interesting and the bacon? yummy!

  11. Hehehe.. This is soo funny... Bacon full of flesh i guess:p

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