Back On The Bottle

Back On The Bottle

Found via liveajoke

10 Responses to "Back On The Bottle"

  1. BAD photoshop. Look at the babies right arm(s).

  2. Thank Goodness this is a photoshop picture. But what's is wrong the baby's eyes

  3. caught in mid blink.

  4. the right arm, behind it is called its bum!
    its led down with no bottoms..

  5. who would do such a thing? that baby is going to have an issue.

  6. the parents shoud be such ashamed of there selves to know that there baby is an acholic before the age of 1 years old

  7. who ever did that is hella stupid

  8. oi its not my fault if my baby loves rum and i want to give her rum anyway

    and she dont have 2arms shes just fat

  9. it a creativity


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