Armpit Tattoo

Armpit Tattoo

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  1. there is a shark.....eating a baby that chicks arm pit.....O.o CRRRRREEEEEEEPYYEEEEE


  3. She looks like a cool chick. But that tattoo is messed up.

  4. look at her right eye. she is not cool. she is f-d UP man!

  5. and whats wrong with her right eye?

  6. wow. mad props to the girl. That is a very painfull spot to get tattooed!!!

  7. And when she doesn't shave her pits, the baby grows a beard...

  8. hott

  9. Yeah, to me her expression says.. "I'm really not sure if this is cool, do you approve of me? um, is this, like, individual? I'm trying to smile but my lips are chapped from hours of trying to fake being happy to get you to like me"

  10. i think i love you


  12. follow me

  13. all i have to say is GO VORE!!

  14. What's with all the haters!? Tattoos don't always have to have a message. I have about 35 and only 3 that mean something. I think it's a cool tattoo. And a hot chick. She's hard core!

  15. Gail, you are stupid. this is the coolest tattoo i have ever seen.

  16. It's just a tattoo get over it. I'd like to see any of you haters get an armpit tattoo that detailed. I'm an artist and have done two and can say those were in some serious pain. rock it hottie!

  17. There is nothing wrong with her right eye. Or the tattoo.
    Her right eye is appropriately following the left eye.
    Get an anatomy book. And study it.

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