Masked Apple

Mac Logo Masked On Desaturated Bikini But

c/o kuroy301

Found via : trendhunter

16 Responses to "Masked Apple"

  1. Looks tasty!

  2. A new version of apple i-pod..nicely done

  3. This would be one of my favorites.

    As always Foundshit is the best.

  4. what apple???

  5. this apple u can eat for your entire life!!!!!!1

  6. looks like it's a bit chilly...

  7. (what an Apple) I like it ,Very nice.

  8. good. impressive. creative work

  9. how is this an optical illusion?

  10. thank you sooooooooooo mutch

  11. i feel like am floating. the apple looks sooooo hot and sexy

  12. I'd like to take a bite out of that apple!

  13. smh.

    a REAL apple bottom.

  14. Finally, an orange apple! looks so yummy...

  15. Finally a fruit i want to eat

  16. Apple really is nothing but ASS

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