Parking Eligibility

Drunk Driver Wheelchair Statistics Awarness Campaign

10 Responses to "Parking Eligibility"

  1. Wow, thats sad. This ia why I dont drink, even a littel, and drive.

  2. the saddest part is how a person can spell so badly. maybe drinking and typing is also not for you.

  3. this is vary true and most of the other drivers die!!

  4. Bob the Builder: I was thinking the same thing.

  5. [...] is an image of a “drunk driving” campaign.  The main image is a handicap parking lot space with a sentence written in white paint [...]

  6. Learn alcohol abuse and alcoholism causes, symptoms, treatment and medication facts. What are warning signs of a drinking problem?

  7. thats not funny at all thats why i dont drive when i am drunk i just walk it off

  8. hi thats a cool parking spot(:

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA it is funny

  10. thats not funny at all brandon, it is sad, and too true

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