Thesaurus Dress

Thesaurus Page Dress

Paper Dress by Jori Phillips

Tomato Hair Style

Hair Cut And Dyed To Look Like A Tomato

Ripe Tomato by Hiro at Trick Store in Osaka

Found via Obvious Winner

Zip Tie

Zipper Necktie

Zip Tie

Created by Josh Jakus

Hug Jacket

Hands Hug Jacket

Model : Tom Nelson | Photo by HILL & AUBREY

Jacket Design by Si Chan

High Heel Sneakers

Birken Socks

Fish Flops

Fish Flip-Flop Sandals

via kemstone

Found thanks to Chuck

Cat Hat

Back To The Future

Back To The Future Costume Fashion

Cinema Fashion by Candice Milon

for Sport & Style – Fashion on the Big Screen

Floral Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Made From Flowers

via now thats nifty