I Dreamed A Dream

Thesaurus Dress

Thesaurus Page Dress

Paper Dress by Jori Phillips

Willie Nelson Hat

Jar Light

Wild Ass House

Wild Ass House Zoo Sign

Photo c/o Augapfel

Clock Table

Clock Table

Analog Clock Table by Hammacher Schlemmer

Fish Tank

Sensha Sushi Tank Shaped Sushi Dish

Sensha Sushi by Kurisakiya

What Time Is It?

Room With Walls And Cieling Covered With Clocks

‘Aint Panting A Pain’ by Richard Jackson

Photo by C-Monter

Landfill Harmonic

Umbrella Canopy

Umbrella Street Canopy In Portugal

Umbrella Sky Project by Sextafeira Producoes

Photo c/o Patricia Almeida