Fish Tank

Sensha Sushi Tank Shaped Sushi Dish

Sensha Sushi by Kurisakiya

Bacon Taco Shell

Bacon Weave Wrapped Doritos Taco Shell

Bacon Weave Taco by Dude Foods

Found via Obvious Winner

Mario Cake

Capsaicin Extremus

Skittles Infused Vodka

Chayote Squash

Party Game

Breakfast Vodka

Brown Sugar And Cinnamon Pop Tart Vodka

Idea & Mock Up c/o Table To Grave

Found via HiConsumption

Stages of Avocado

Stages of Avocado

Illustration by Simon Drew

Mario Eggs

Super Mario Brothers Easter Eggs

Painted Eggs by lmnopeas

DIY Tutorial at Instructables

Found via Obvious Winner