Bottle Boat

Plastic Bottle Boat

Upcycled Bottle Boat by Tom Davies

Found via Ippinka

Airport Logic

Army Man Bottle Opener

Army Man Bottle Opener

Die Cast Opener by Vat19

Vampire Bottle Holder

Vampire Wine Bottle Holder

Wine Bottle Holder c/o Neatorama

Two Liter Chandelier

Upcycled Two Liter Soda Bottle Chandelier

Bubble Chandelier by Souda

In Partnership with Sure We Can

Found via HomeKlondike

Wall of Candy

Data Transfer

USB Message In A Bottle

Message In A Bottle 2.0 by Kaslito

V8 Coffee Table

Pretzel Canteen

Pretzel Shape Porcelain Flask

Porcelain Flask by Matt Vrbanac

Jack Daniels Portrait

Jack Daniels Bottle Portrait

Bottle Mosaic by Herb Williams