Transparent Wings

Bat Photography

Photo by Tim Flach

7 Responses to "Transparent Wings"

  1. weird that there's no head, right?

  2. Seems more translucent to me but great picture whatever.

  3. David, you're right. Translucent would have been a better word.

  4. Teem, there is actualy a head, becasue if you didnt notice, your looking at it from its back, and so, the little bump you see on the top, is part of the head. btw cool pic

  5. Yeah, his head is there. He's looking down, trying to figure out where his right leg went.

  6. The right leg is bent in front of him. I love the pic.

  7. Looking at this, it makes it easier for me to believe that New World bats are, as has been speculated, primates.

    Flying monkeys, dude!

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