Tooth Fairy Rings

10 Responses to "Tooth Fairy Rings"

  1. who the h33l would wear them?

  2. creepy people

  3. Always wondered what to do with my molars the dentist yanked out....

  4. [...] to Found Shit for the heads up.  And Vanderglas Art for their interesting found object art.  There are some [...]

  5. I wonder if they smell as bad as I think, cuz when a tooth falls out it smells bad for a long+++++++ time.
    Maybe you guys have a trick!

  6. I forgot to say;they are not real

  7. I wonder if you can commission a ring after getting into a bar fight with an enemy and knocking out a tooth..

  8. Now imagine what style the rappers are gonna have, lol, tooth rings with grilles!!

  9. What causes dead teeth? I've had a busted tooth for almost a year and it's only getting worse. I went on a freakin dental adventure the last time I tried to have it fixed. I need help.

  10. disgusting

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