US States Stereotypes Map

'Amercia In My Book' by Haley Nahman

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  1. What about Alaska and Hawaii?

  2. Palin and Obama's birth certificate.

  3. Sweet! I'm with the Hipsters. =u=

  4. Great concept, but with no disrespect, you need to get on a plan, other than the red eye, and visit some more cities. Its too bad, in my humble opinion, that such a beautiful piece of art had to push and reach to get to
    such a lame cliché.

  5. chad... you're a drag. this is simply one person's 1-2 word perspective/summary on the states.... i found it humorous and endearing despite the fact that I've lived in all four corner regions of the country and traveled extensively throughout the U.S. of A....

  6. Obesity Epidemic? You mean, the most delicious food and happiest people in the country.

  7. I love this map and would like to put it in a blurb book for my son birthday. How can i make this happen?

  8. Chad is right, this person seems closed off. These stereotypes aren't even funny or unique; they're shallow.

  9. I'm from Utah (not Mormon) but 'Mormon' bout sums it up haha that was good!

  10. I don't think that this is to be taken so seriously, and I don't think it was meant in such an offensive way. I think it is pretty funny and I'd have to say in the few states that I've been in they are pretty accurate. 😛

  11. LMAO:) But its pretty much accurate IQ life in the US!
    Will take your RICH all the way to my offshore bank...

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