Spot The Lion

14 Responses to "Spot The Lion"

  1. i'm

  2. the lion can't spot us either, so stay cool ;]]

  3. 2 x Dead, but at least i did found tha Lion ~_~

  4. i did too!!!! cooool

  5. where is it??

  6. me and my bro are alive... mums dead!!

  7. IM not DEAD

  8. The lion is above and slightly between the words "lion" and "by"

  9. found that girl right off blimmy

  10. very creative♥

  11. At first i was like im dead then i read cats comment and im like nvm!

  12. Stuuuuuuuuuuupid.

  13. i see the lion bam son im alive!!!!!!!!

  14. The lion seem to be taking relax u have time!!

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