Massive Mastiff

Massive Mastiff

Massive Mastiff

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  1. omg... what kind of mastiff is that? is it a she, or he? how much does the dog weigh? do you have any more pics of your dog? where did you get it? thank you for your picture.

  2. no photoshop... this is the biggest dog in world...

  3. 346 lbs, English Mastiff.....beautiful dog

  4. wow how much food intake in a day

  5. that is a very cute dog did you get it that big?
    hes very cute

  6. that dog is huge!! (amazing)
    never seen one in person though!!!!

  7. I Love your dog. I always wanted one of those.
    Take really good care of him k........=) :]

  8. that dog is so much bigger then the horse

  9. That is an amazing dog. Is it male or female? How much does he eat in one day? Thank you for your time. Good luck with your dog.

  10. one problem is they drool abit

  11. lol i got 2 dog2 like dat they called Krugger
    (as in Freddie Kruger )
    and satan.

  12. It's a neopolitan mastiff. They usually eat about 100-125 lbs of food every few weeks. At least that's what my English Mastiff eats.

  13. omg!!! How fast can the dog run??? Umm and my dad want's a dog like that so how could I get one??? O And by the way your dog looks nice..

  14. Notice how in the second picture the mans arm around the dog looks a little funny, and the dark sleeve of his sweater is blending in with the rest of it...that's because they had to reposition his arm in the photo to make it look like he was holding something much bigger that he really was. Also notice how in the first picture the man's hand that is holding the leash has sunlight on could it have sunlight on it if it's behind the dog and the sun is on everyone's left side as the rest of the photo suggests...dumbasses. That hand would be shadowed.

  15. You's photoshopped...dogs don't get that big. How stupid ARE you people?

  16. that dog is so big my dad did not believe it what kind of dog is it

  17. how much was that dog its HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!
    your very lucky!

  18. the sunlight hitting his hand is in the right spot notice the direction of their shadows


  20. You have a very beautiful and amazing dog, love him and take very good care of him. they have a great heart. i had a bulmasttiff but he died 2 years ago, but we long to see him again. How old is he or she? Good luck!!!!!! My children say"s its a great dog. Nice.


  22. Ok, first of is NOT photoshopped. So whoever says it is the dumbass! The dogs name is HERCULES...he weighs 375 pounds...and he is a NEOPOLITAN MASTIFF! Not a english mastiff! How do you get those two totally different dogs mixed up??? English mastiffs don't even come in that color! So get your facts straight before you run your stupid mouth because they showed this dog on TV!!! He is in the book of world records so get it right!!!

  23. Hercules is a very beautiful neopolitan mastiff... he's a giant! how old is he?? im sure he goes through about 100- 150lbs of food every few weeks, and 375lbs of dog beast!?? lol.... is he alot to handle at times? anyways, he's an awesome dog......

  24. Great Neapolitan Mastiff, my Favourite Dog.

  25. rachel, you're the dumbass. I've seen this dog in person, petted it, touched it. It's a real picture. You just don't want it to be, so you find the small flaw and instantly say it's photoshopped. The sunlight on the leash is on the right, like everything else. His arm is like that because the dog is big.

    Like I said-i've seen, felt, touched the dog in person. He is that big in real life, and an amzing real, non photoshopped dog.

  26. wooow dats one big dog too bad its photo shopped

  27. ok maybe dat iz a real dog.........realllly big boy or girl................the dog is beautiful

  28. i love big dogs

  29. Sorry all, this is fake.

    Haley: Nice try. I'm not sure why you're lying about this but it makes me sad for you. This dog would easily win "World's Largest Dog" in the Guiness Book of World Records...... but it is conspicuously absent. I wonder if that's because it's not real.

  30. G-sus !!! How can u guys be so ... to believe a dog can grow up this big. It's a fake. This dog is a mastino napoletano. They are big but never this big. Look up for the standard of the breed. It's just a funny picture. I hope the posts were made only by kids because otherwise.....

  31. I LOVE your dog! (and the horse too!)

  32. I wanted to know how do i go about getting a dog like that. i would love to have him as an addition to my family. My little boy would just simply love to have a dog like yours. Please let me konw if you would.
    Sincerly a dog lover.

  33. its a neopolitan mastiff

  34. i love that dog but not as much as elvers

  35. it's fake it was in the news and they did say that it is one of the best photoshop pics ever but sorry ya'll it a FAKE

  36. big dog!!!

  37. really massive, like a tiger

  38. I beleave this is a lie, lets see a video on this so call big dog.

  39. I love massifs there so cute! i have one of my own.. and that dog is awesome..

  40. this is a freak of nature, but it is a dog and a big one at that, there is giants in all kinds of animals, including humans, dont be a hater, i seen a lot of dogs that were over sized, my dog under his dogbreed is 50 lbs too heavy and still growing i had him on gain weight and wasnt watching his collar and it got stuck to him i had to peel it off, and he still has 1 year of growing to do nice mastino unleash the hounds of hell..

  41. i like that dog i have a italian mastiff

  42. that is a beauty !! does he stay inside?

  43. everyone who said that picture is fake and that mastiffs cannot get that big, you all dont know what you are talking about. my name is robin, im a college student doing a report on dogs for a class and i (my parents) own 2 mastiffs and they are about 3/4 the size of that dog. 1 is only 3/4 mastiff (1/4 brazillian fila) and the other 1 is full mastiff and just a puppy and not finished growing. so yes mastiffs can get that big and they are not fake. please get your facts straight before you talk about things you obviously know nothing about!!!! thank you.

  44. i cant believe you guys think it is a fake i have a mastiff mix and he is gourgeous and huge so you guys can calm down cuz he is real

  45. ok.... first of all if these dogs are fake why would so many people have one u freakin retards i hate people like u to think u know everything and they are documented dogs they used to have them fight lions in rome and my friends have one and my cousin i could even get u proof and its not photoshopped im an artist and the shading and the lighting are too similar for that to be photoshopped GOD get your facts straight before u run your nasty lil mouth ok and that would be like me saying that great danes arent real okay so yeah just do yourselves a huge favour and shut up because your just making yourselves sound stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. and its not that i hate people its just u need to understand that they are not fake and they are beautiful wonderful animals and i do apologise for being so rude but they are real. and congrats guys on your dog its gorgeous and i wish i could get one of my own.

  47. This is so fake its stupid!!
    I have 2 dogs, and Dogue De Bordeaux and a Cane Corso. both breeds are considered to be large and neither of them would ever reach the size that this mastiff is supposed to have done. People can do amazing things with photoshop, and although this is not the best photoshop job ever, it has obviously fooled quite a few people. If this dog was real, then he would be worth LOTS of money and would be all over the world.
    All rubbish!!

  48. this iz not fake very real .........i have a masstif about that big i love him he is the best dog. i recomend masstif's 2 everybody there great animals never attack. (gentle giants).

  49. My god you people are idiots. Two skeptics out of the whole bunch; and some of you are even dumb enough to tell them they're wrong.

    The picture is fake. The maximum weight this breed of dog can reach is 200lbs. Follow the link someone provided, take a few minutes to educate yourself, and you'll find the story is based upon facts - the heaviest dog in the world is a mastiff, and it is named Hercules - but it doesn't weigh 282lbs and this isn't a picture of it.

    As for the person who claimed to have seen this dog in person; quit lieing to yourself. You look dumber than everyone else here.

    People will believe anything. Jesus Christ.

  50. OHh' ehm gee...daht isz a HUGEEEEE dwg :D!!!!!!!isz it real???

  51. Weather or not this is a real photo I don't know. If not it's a real good job, because the previous defects noted above (the sun on the hand and awkward arm) are both incorrect. If you imagine a clock on the first picture the sun is coming from about 1:30 which would put sunlight on his hand comming from above the dogs back and you can see the shadow of part of his hand and the leash. As for the awkward arm in the second, I have noticed many times then I was posing for a picture and I looked awkward, but his arm is not a physical abnomallity its just down instead of the more natural bending it under the dogs jaw. It is obvious they are posing for the second picture

    Either way those who belive will believe the who dont wont. Stop trying to argue it just accept what you think is right and leave it at that.

  52. its fake..... bet u guyzzz...

  53. how much does food cost 4 the dog and what kind because i will be buying one when i get my own house ???

  54. Wow a Doggasaur ^ ^

  55. Damn, that's a dog I have wished for all my life! It's huuuge!

  56. wtf

  57. Big ninja ;d

  58. That's no dog! That's a horse!

  59. wtf......omg

  60. Ja toze takuju ho4u !
    Es ar tadu gribu

  61. thats is photoshop !

  62. wtf???!!

  63. i love big dogs

  64. i don't know if it's true or not. but if it's true that's a monster dog and too big to have it, i love big dogs... fans of it! but i also notice the irregularities of the other shadow behind the main picture (shadow of other trees) and take a look on small shadow on second pic! you folks decide.... i love huge breed of dogs....

  65. i love thouse dogs.
    they're wery beautiful and wery smart.
    i wanna buy but they are very expensive.

  66. Photoshop - FOREVER!
    Fake OFF

  67. I am actually a professional using photoshop and I have to say this is NOT photoshopped. The way his arm is connected and the way its touching the dog is all natural and normal. The way you would have noticed the arm not being attached is if some one had to reconnect the arm and smudged the two connection points and then darkened the dogs body in order to make a shadow on the dog. I see none of this nor is the shadowing unnatural. As for the dog lying in the position and walking next to him, all real. I looked for any and all of the things that would give it away and there was none. These photos are real.

  68. I think these people are very small!

  69. AWWWE looks like my mastill love it! <3

  70. i love this kind of dog but i couldnt imagine how big its #2 might be

  71. Hurcules is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how much would a puppy cost me? are they hard to train? are they hard to handle??ae they good watch dogs? are they aggressive?

  72. I think they people are small too, leading a pony....

  73. The girl commenting named Lexi...last name start with a G???

  74. Frankly i am more intrested in what breed of horse that is ( i think it hase some Arabian in him ????? )
    But if this is not a photo shop then have you tested the strength of the dogs back cause it is posibole that he could hold a smal child ???

  75. in the first photo both the front paws seem to be off the ground, would this happen if the dog was just walking slowly?
    i dont think so!

  76. ie the shadow does not connect properly with the left foot making it appear off the ground, bad photoshopping, its funny that people choose to believe it

  77. beautiful love large dogs i got a half mastiff half rott 1yr old wouldnt trade him 4 anything.

  78. ...clone stamped grass by male owners wrist cutting into his torso, blurring between the leash and the dogs legs on the edge of the animal and the grass, shadows aren't all correct. This dog might be really large, but this photo was definitely edited -- and poorly at that.

  79. 100% photoshoped, where is shadow of a rear left leg? And where are the rear legs? I can see right rear pow, but no leg. Next is shadow of a leg that is in the air, but if you look closely you`ll see that sun does not shine on front right leg. Second picture is better, but there is no dropping shadow from his thumb.

  80. This is a fake's been proven. END OF STORY

  81. I had not seen a big dog like this before. Amazing...

  82. I have an English Mastiff and they're big, and mine is only 220 lbs. This one is a Neo and they can be stouter, larger heads and shorter than an English. That first picture leads me to believe its photo-shopped , at least its perspective but the second isnt. Plenty of dogs that are that big. Go to a mastiff breeder site or go to Facebook and join the mastiff groups or better yet, go to a dog show where mastiffs are in great numbers. They are big to huge. Period.

  83. where can i get one of my own, no really!

  84. whata great and big dog,unbelieveable

  85. I work on photoshop, I'm a graphic designer, and I cant see where that pic has been photoshopped (even someone who works with photoshop can be fooled, the graphics are soo good these days!) ... I know about Neos and know that they can be of a freakish size, but you would have thought you wouldve seen this dog on tv...not just on the net, this is big news in a way! .... but either way, the dog is so gorgeous, beautiful and it would be awesome if he/she were that big! xx

  86. Hey "photo shoppers" um.. where is the dogs shadow and a chunk of the mans hip?

  87. @ Ange maybe you need to do some more research to FULLY back up your info, yes Hercules was the biggest Mastiff HOWEVER this is not him, those who would like to see the REAL Hercules, here is the link Hercules was ONLY 282 pounds with a 38 inch neck
    SECOND the image IS photoshopped read the analysis at this link

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