$6 Million Home Theater

Kipnis Studio Standard

Kipnis Studio Standard

18 by 10 foot Projection Screen
8.8 Channel Surround Sound

Found at : Home Theater Design Mag

11 Responses to "$6 Million Home Theater"

  1. That's what I want for Christmas!
    but can I get an advance on that?

  2. I just hyperventilated.

  3. My dad knows a guy with a room like that in his house

  4. No surprise that this dude is in Holly weird. One of his first testers of this set up was Spielberg.

  5. Rich much?

  6. Never heard aboud phase?

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  8. Too much money.....not enough brains.

  9. F-A-K-E

  10. You spend $6,000,000.00 on a Home Theatre rig..., and then you watch Ratatouille..!! wouldn't be my choice......, but I have to say it is impressive...

  11. meglio fare beneficenza per aiutare i poveri animali abbandonati o maltrattati magari da sti poveri pazzi che buttano soldi e idiozie....il cervello vi manca...

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