Cotton Candy Bloom

Infared Cotton Candy Tree

Photographer : Steve Castle

10 Responses to "Cotton Candy Bloom"

  1. Nice, and very pretty, but it could have used a little touching up. The trunk and limbs of the tree on the top wouldn't realistically be that pink. Its seems the Photoshopper got a little lazy on this one. I mean anybody can blur a photo and change colors.

  2. The link to the photographers Flickr page shows infared exposure.
    I don't think photoshop was involved....

  3. I want one!

  4. Nom Nom....Tasty!

  5. Yeah, its infrared and yeah... not too much photoshop...
    The 'blur' comes from the long exposure and the difficulties of focusing in infrared light..

  6. Surreal and intriguing.

  7. awesome, Steve- love infrared photos - this is delectable

  8. Any way I could buy a copy of the picture?

  9. Yimmy, you could try contacting the photographer (Steve) directly through his Flickr page by following the link below the picture.

  10. LOLlll funniest thing I have ever seen

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