Rockin' Baby Bump

Hard Rock Cafe Ad

Found via ziza

10 Responses to "Rockin' Baby Bump"

  1. I don't think those are horns I think those are two tiny hands doing the rock on sign because it's an add for the hard ROCK cafe :)!

  2. its the real devil horns...THUMB TUCKED IN...

  3. WIN

    where can i get a full-size high-res of this, that would make an awesome desktop


  4. what ever it is it sure looks kool

  5. hey that is so wierd i mean what baby has horns, but it probably just hands or fingers.

  6. My sister has a photo pinned in her office of a pregnant belly with a visible foot, like this. Only difference is, it's a real photo.


  8. Of course its fake dumbass! Its been photoshopped for the ad

  9. For all those who're asking about the horns. This is called horns ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. it does look like it

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