Get Over It

Ian Mckellen is Gandalf and Magneto

8 Responses to "Get Over It"

  1. Ha awesome.

  2. Not a very good Photoshop job, but it's still funny.

  3. Wasn't a photoshop job. This was for a Gay Marriage protest in Australia.

  4. Obeanto, yes it was for a Gay Marriage protest, but the t-shirt said "Some People are Gay, get over it". There is photoshop on the t-shirt.

  5. What Mel said. Still cool that he was there, and the original shirt was also nice.

  6. @ Obeanto

    You can see another guy in the background with the original shirt. Mel is right.

  7. it was actually a really good photo shop job, photo shop isn't magic guys it takes work... atleast you cant see the old layer and it blends well

  8. It's a cute pic.

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