Resin Rhino

Foam and Resin Yellow Rhinoceros Sculpture

Artist : Carsten Holler

5 Responses to "Resin Rhino"

  1. Hey Carsten

    interested in selling any of your sculpts??

  2. awww I really love this....I am an interior designer and this would loook amazing in a white based room, really brilliant!

  3. I am a collector of rhinos. I periodically look through hundreds of images on the net hoping for something (in a rhino) that is truly unique.
    I love this yellow rhino and if you were interested in selling him, or a similar smaller? one I will offer a splendid home.

  4. i want one ! how can i buy one...thanks

  5. If you like this you might like sculpture by James Angus from 1996

    James Angus, Rhinoceros 1996, synthetic polymer paint on fibreglass, aluminium, 110x320x70cm,

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