Incandescent Fish Bowl

Fishy Idea | Incandescent Fish Bowl

Artist : Greg Schurman

Found at : thecolorawards

8 Responses to "Incandescent Fish Bowl"

  1. My first reaction is to chuckle and imagine the fish is saying, "get me the hell outta here".

  2. fish fry anyone?

  3. The light brings out his eyes

  4. This is barbaric. I can't believe you bastards find it funny.

  5. To "Me"

    You know it's Photoshopped, right? No fish was actually hurt in the making of that image? So no worries - it's not actually that bad...

  6. that gold fish will get bigger than the lightbulb.

  7. omg dude that is so cool honestly I think that would be fun to try but like of course I'd take the poor fish out eventually

  8. @Zsa Zsa
    It's photoshopped you know! There really is no fish or animal in a light bulb like that…

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