Chicken Little Bra

Picture Of A Huge Inflatable Bra Fallen From The Sky

via buzzhumor

8 Responses to "Chicken Little Bra"

  1. Very naughty, but hilarious.

  2. Once again ladies and gentlemen, the unveiling of the Statue of Liberty!

  3. If that is the bra, how huge is this chick's breasts?


  4. Haha I needed a laugh!

  5. Found out this isn't actually photoshopped. It's a real inflatable produced by these people.

    you can see they have an alternate view of it.

  6. I like it ..but dear with woman.......

  7. I wonder if it caused a crisis?

  8. First reaction if I survived: Move my head up to see the boobs! ๐Ÿ˜€

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