Everybody Dance!

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  1. everbody jump!

  2. awesome synchronization! And amazing flexibility.
    They look like possessed souls from the movie "Stigmata."

    Life can be like a crazy Dance...

  3. Is that Broadway and 53rd? That looks very familiar - and no - I'm not one of the dancers.

  4. Probably some sort of ad for Hollywood.

  5. It was used as an ad in Hollywood for a Drama School

  6. brilliant!

  7. WOW thats soooo cool!!!

  8. It looked to me like they were spelling out something.... I came up with PYOKY. Hm.

  9. looks like 44th & Bwy in front of GMA studio. GREAT picture

  10. love it!

  11. Tree words, one phrase: SHOOT THEM UP!!!

  12. coolest dance i ever seen on pic!!!

  13. This photo makes me just wanna shout "WORK!" So good. Thanks for posting.

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