Ankle Biter

Ankle Biting High Heel Shoes

Found at : 2photo

9 Responses to "Ankle Biter"

  1. ohh that looks nasty

  2. yep at the end of a day sometimes thats how it feels

  3. oh yeah and there is gonna be all those that say "well why wear them"..... cause for some it feels great to look awsome... passing by a bookstore or shoe store actually makes me salivate.... and one cant always afford the super expensive shoes that will not do this to my delicate tootsies.... besides bandaids can be sexy too right?

  4. And that is how all high heel shoes look to Lona.

  5. Shes got a plaster on her foot from last time lol

  6. Lol makes me want to take off my heels....*check her feet* Phew no teeth!

  7. Love the band aid.

  8. Fashion has reached a whole new level!

  9. This is why I hate heels...

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